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Tips & Links

Useful Websites & YouTube Channels

Foodbod Sourdough is a website and YouTube channel created by Elaine in the UK with plenty of practical, down to earth instruction for the home baker.  Elaine is my inspiration for baking sourdough which led to creating 'Everything Sourdough'

Patrick Ryan (Firehouse Bakery) will showcase how to make a traditional sourdough bread including how to make the starter.

Patrick is also very down to earth and shows you how to make sourdough without necessarily having a lot of special equipment.

 The King Arthur Flour website has a huge collection of various recipes using sourdough starter, including doughnuts, crackers and of course, bread.

 Hot Tips

  • Use a rubberband around your starter jar to show the level of your starter pre-feed and watch it grow.
  • A tray of boiling water in the bottom of the oven acts as a steam source to replicate a professional steam oven - great for enhancing oven spring and creating that great crust we all crave!
  • Wet your hands before handling your dough to stop it sticking to your hands.